Tuesday, March 1, 2011


This is nuts! This was Reagan in 2009 (with bangs)- and the picture below is my SISTER (when she was 5)--- it's CRAZY that she looks just like Reagan!

Cooking with Mommy

Most Disney Princesses don't do their own cooking, but THIS one does.


While behind this truck on the highway one afternoon Reagan said, "That's my Mommy on that truck."

She obviously knows what I do for my (part-time) job. :)

**Model, not Drink-- for those who are confused.

School picture 2011

Last year her picture was more like a mugshot- this year.... we're getting there.

Thursday, February 10, 2011



People Style Watch is keeping a watchful eye on Stella & Dot! Their February issue includes Stella & Dot styles in 2 different features. The Clover Single Wrap Leather Bracelet was chosen for an "Under $100" feature and the On the Mark Necklace is featured in a spread on "Fun and Personal Jewelry." Take a peek! www/stelladot.com/kristenhaynes

Take a peek at InStyle’s February issue featuring the Stella & Dot Revival Tassel Necklace, created especially for our line by celebrity-designer Nancy Liebowitz. The magazine chose this exotic and elegant style as one of their “most irresistible” fashion finds. Thanks InStyle! Shop for it here: www/stelladot.com/kristenhaynes
The February/March issue of Fit Pregnancy features three different Stella & Dot styles! The Wanderlust Fringe Hoop Earrings is shown in their “Shopping Guide”, while the Mira Bangles and the Signature Dot Disc Necklace are featured in their “Getaway” spread. Take a peek! www.stelladot.com/kristenhaynes

The March issue of Every Day with Rachel Ray features the Tulum Turquoise & Leather bracelet. See the “Every Day Faves: Style” feature for details.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

American Baby magazine issue May/June

Be sure to check out the American Baby issues for May/June 2011. I will be modeling as the "Mommy" in an article titled "HAPPY." Unfortunately, they wanted a child that was between 4-14 months old, so Reagan didn't make the cut- but they DID give me the cutest, cuddliest, 9 month old, 22 lb. boy named Ace. :)
I was excited b/c I wore a Stella & Dot signature Valentine's Day piece "Ever After" in the photos. It's a great delicate necklace
www.stelladot.com/kristenhaynes --- search Necklaces/Delicate/Ever After

Robot towel

I hosted a 31 gift party last weekend and while picking out my FREE goodies from hostess credits I picked out the cute new kids towel in "apple blossom" (for little girls)-- Reagan saw which one I had picked out and told me she wanted the ROBOT towel- .... so that's what we got.

We also went to Target yesterday to price "Monster Trucks" .... she is my petite princess dress wearing, boy toy loving, little girl. Reagan. :)

Best Dance moves E*V*E*R

These are memories I NEVER want to forget.

Reagan's Bad Dream

One morning at around 3am Reagan came running into our bedroom screaming and crying that a "monkey took her Daddy's hat"....... it occurred to Adam when she was upset that he had read her a book that night before about animal families and showed me the monkey pictures.
Do you think these images would give you nightmares?

Needless to say, we've put this book in a safe place for much later in her life.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Pardon my absence for what has been OVER 6 months! We have had many updates since my last post, but I am happy to start a FRESH 2011 and PROMISE to keep everyone (that wants to be informed) up to date with us at all times! YAY!

First off, I'd like to introduce you to our NEW HOME! Adam and I are Home Owners (as of June 23, 2010) and We Love it! We have wonderful neighbors and a fantastic house to call home! We spent around 5 weeks getting the house painted and upgraded some (which took a whole lot of patience on my end, with having a little 2 1/2 year old running around), but it was WORTH it in the long run, and the workers ended up becoming family as far as Reagan was concerned! After they left, Reagan asked everyday where they were! :)

Yesterday Reagan ran around the front yard while we took down the Christmas decorations, and we both agreed this was exactly what we wanted in a home; a yard that our kid(s) could run around and play in! And this (past) summer we were able to take FULL advantage of the swimming pool and outdoor patio!

It is our Dream Home and we love it and can't wait to be here for a LONG time!


This Christmas was LOTS of fun! Reagan was a bit leery of having Santa coming down the chimney- Every time we'd mention it- she would make a face- but when she woke up she couldn't have been more excited! Santa brought her a Strider bike/helmet (a balance bike- no peddles, so she can learn to balance then eventually go straight to a "big" bike! No training wheels!) and the Snow White Dress-- Plenty more- but who needs to be bored with all the details- she mostly loved the bike, and dress- She got all she asked for and is more SPOILED than ever! ... Especially with having a birthday a WEEK beforehand!

3 Generations

My Mom (Reagan knows her as Zana) came to celebrate Christmas with us this year and it was wonderful! Reagan had a great Christmas with her and we hope to be able to do it again one year!



Since we've been away from the Blogging World-- Reagan has learned to sing her ABC's, and count over 20-- and count down from 10! She is getting smarter and smarter everyday and we are so blessed to have her in a wonderful Christian Pre-school with the best teachers. She absolutely adores them!
Adam surprised me with the new iPhone 4 for our 5th Wedding Anniversary and I was able to give her my old iPhone (which she works like a champ!) We have all kinds of games set up on there from Spanish speaking, to letters, to animals, you name it! AND we got her a Leapster2 for Christmas, and it's for ages 4-7... we knew it would be a bit advanced, but she loves it and is figuring it out just great!

Stella & Dot Jewelry

With the new year, came a new venture for me. I started as an Independent Stylist for a magnificent jewelry company called Stella & Dot in Nov.

Stella & Dot is my new Love and hobby that keeps me busy, when I'm not running around with Reagan, or doing the house chores, etc. I have finally found what is the equivalent to Adam's hunting/fishing/etc, stories, and shows! Now, I get to rave on and on about My LOVE! :)

I am very happy selling Stella & Dot and love the flexible hours and getting to meet new people who are just as in love with the product as I am!

*AND I am thrilled to say, that I made Top 10 in sales (out of the 60 on my team) for months Nov. and Dec.!!! I have to Thank all my valued customers for that one! *It's not too hard to sell this stuff, it really sells itself, But I am glad that I can do so well, right off the bat! I have big goals for 2011, and one is to continue to be in Top 10 for sales each month!

Check out my site: -------> They are actually launching their Spring/Summer 2011 Line tonight! I can't wait!

Happy 3rd Birthday Baby!

Everyone raved about a great party! BUT It was a tad tight! Thank goodness for WINE and good Friends! :) ... and Pre-schoolers that entertain themselves fairly easily! :)
I had game stations set up: "Snake in my Boot" / "Pin the tail on Bullseye" / "Musical Circles" / "Digging for Gold" ..... Many things that came to mind the day of, knowing the weather was possibly going to be bad.

But thanks to my wonderful Husband, Sister and Inlaws- everyone made it PERFECT and the party was a HUGE success!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hello all fellow BLOG followers! (If I still have any after being absent for months!) :)

I have missed blogging, we have just been going so much lately, it's been hard to keep up! As a matter of fact, I decided to come current with the blog........ for now, b/c we are moving away this weekend, and I won't have access to my computer to "update"- SO you'll just have to wait until we are OFFICIALLY settled into our NEW OWNED HOME to see MORE! :)

Here's the story...........
We are moving this weekend to a beach house in New Smyrna Beach! YIPPEE! (kinda a mini- vacation while we wait for our home!)........the house we made an offer on back in June of 2009 is STILL unavailable for us to move into, and the home we are renting is selling as of May 12- SO therefore, we have to GO, but only temporarily, SO, we're packing up all our belongings into a POD and we are headed to a furnished house on the beach!

Friday we are HEADING out, and praying the house we are buying will open up quickly so we can move in and get settled before summer comes around! We can't be more happy to get this house when we finally move in..... after all we HAVE waited for this, for (what will be) A YEAR!
Please keep us in your prayers while we will be in "MOVING LIMBO" for the next month or so.

Thank you, and enjoy the new BLOG updates! :)



It literally feels like yesterday, that Reagan was big enough to be moved from her bassinet to her crib (at 3 months old).... and if you have had a new born, and put them in their crib, you remember seeing how HUGE the crib looked with them inside. Now, I have made the LEAP to a Big Girl Bed, and it feels really surreal! She's nearly 2 1/2 , potty trained, and in a big bed! This is just crazy to me!
We have had GREAT success with this CHANGE, and she is loving being able to bring her babies into her bed, and "put them to sleep", OR just climb in and read a story. All these "changes" are necessary, BUT it definitely makes a Mother SAD! :) It really won't be long and she'll be riding her bike off to Kindergarten! AHH!! :) (well, I'm not going to get too carried away!)

Aunt Sarah's Wedding 4-10-10


This was how we curled Reagan's hair- We kept her busy watching The Little Mermaid, and with a bag of Cheetos! :) She was happy as a LARK!
ME: Matron of Honor
Reagan: Flower Girl
(she threw ALL the flowers out at the very beginning of the walk, so there weren't any left by the time we got to the guests, but she did what she was suppose to!)

Now, these two pictures are out of order- I'd like for you to look below at how involved I look, watching Sarah and Pat cut their cake..... myself and the Best Man we asked by Sarah and Pat to stand next to them while they cut the cake- ....... AND above you can see WHY- they actually smashed the cake in OUR FACES! It was quite a shock, but REALLY funny!
Way to go guys! ....... I'm over it, but one day you'll get it! :)
My Best Friend Kobi

The picture above is my friend from high school, and Sarah's wedding photographer, Megan- I can NOT wait to post pictures from her! :)
My beautiful Mother, Lovely Bride (making some CRAZY face), and my new Brother-in-Law!

Aunt Sarah's Wedding 4-10-10

Congratulations to my sister Sarah and my NEW Brother-in-Law Pat!! They had a beautiful wedding April 10, 2010 in Midland, TX. at the Confederate Air Force Memorial Garden. (More pictures to come) ... but first, I must show off the most gorgeous Flower Girl EVER! :)

Sarah, had this little Flower Girl shirt made for Reagan to wear at the rehearsal .... and Reagan is wearing her Aunt Sarah's awesome PINK heels! .... She is matching so perfectly! :)
......... and this was the finished Flower Girl, all dolled up....... she said she wanted to look like Cinderella, and I think she DID.........

Then and Now..........

I just LOVE comparison photos! I came across this photo a couple weeks back and it just brought back SO many memories! ..... This was taken at our friends 1st birthday party in Oct. of 08'!

..........And this was Easter 2010.......... time is REALLY flying with my little baby girl!

Orange Grove photo shoot

Back in January I was asked to help a photographer expand her portfolio by taking some pictures out in the Orange Groves around town- This is one picture featured on her site, (with my mock daughter) :) It's a favorite of mine!
We had a really good time!